Image by Elias Sch. from Pixabay

I went to the beach everyday

On the messy sand I lay

I liked the breeze, I liked the blue

The sea invited me to drench me in its hue.

I played, with the water I swayed

But I stayed away.

I went to the beach everyday.

A year — two, three, almost ten

I didn’t still enter in and exclaimed ten! when the sea exasperatingly asked when

I went to the mountains too

But to the sea, I never paid my due.

Years went by in whole

And the sun, growing hotter now, had parched my soul

It had been a while since I had been to the beach

This time the blue seemed brighter, and as before, within my reach

The sea invited me again and I excitedly leapt

But, by a gush of anger-laden waves I was swept

I suffocated till I tremblingly found my way out to the shore

Ashamed at its waves, the sea profusely apologised; but I was numb in my core.

Since then, I have run to different beaches; but the waves continue to betray

So now I’m running away.

Unravelling the poetry of life