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  • Riku Arikiri

    Riku Arikiri

    i often ponder… and yet i am still here to stay, will you?

  • Ryan Hoque

    Ryan Hoque

    Berkeley AI PhD student prone to overthinking.

  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt

    I direct HITRECORD, an open creative platform, where anybody and everybody can collaborate together. Come join in!

  • Keshav Bagri

    Keshav Bagri

    Venture Capital, Blogger, Travel Enthusiast, Ex- Goldman Sachs

  • Ram Ganesh Kamatham

    Ram Ganesh Kamatham

    changing the world @ 1k words a day — for my creative writing check out https://mindofnomind.blogspot.com/

  • Aishwarya Barjatya

    Aishwarya Barjatya

    Feminist. Overthinker. Left Hander. Quoter of Quotes. Fiction reader. F.R.I.E.N.D.S.’ fan. Indian cricket lover. Mumbaikar at heart. Writer?

  • The Economist

    The Economist

    Insight and opinion on international news, politics, business, finance, science, technology, books and arts.

  • Dipanshu Pruthi

    Dipanshu Pruthi

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