I am lying on my bed

But I am floating

I close my eyes

And I am floating

Through the bitter-sweet nectar of the ocean of us

I am floating

I sink sometimes, when the bitterness lies heavy on my chest

But then I rise and we inter-twine

You there, I here — and 1200 kms between us,

Yet we float and inter-twine

Holding our breaths for what’s to face us when we swim to the surface

We inter-twine — almost breathing through each other.

I try to take a leap but sink seeing you far behind

And then you leap & disappear seeing me holding fort at ocean floor

And we follow this dance

Fearful, hopeful, both in parts & often one overwhelming the other,

We dance in the ocean, 1200kms apart.

Simran Ahluwalia

Unravelling the poetry of life

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